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Multi-User Lockers can be used in all types of facilities, and industries, perfect for any environment. All lockers open with door pulls and will accept padlocks for Positive Latching Can be used with flat key lock. Doors are mesh grid vented. For clear identification of personal items and security. All lockers have a replaceable box base attached at the factory. Bases prevent dirt, dust and debris from accumulating under the lockers keeping the locker area clean and reducing labor costs.

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Everything we do at Equipment Buy.com is done with the purpose of making your shopping experience even better. Based in San Dimas, California, we have also opened a warehouse in Georgia for the sole purpose of improving service for East Coast customers looking for restaurant supplies for sale.

This is all just a reflection of our core values are: great products, unbeatable prices, customer service team dedicated to your satisfaction. So when you’re looking for restaurant supplies for sale, give us a call. We look forward to helping you with all your restaurant needs.